Exercise/Assignment Yes/No Issue Discussion “What is my Global Question?” Country Comparison/Industry Analysis Consulting-style Project “What’s going on in the world?”
Concepts Addressed Issues in global business context. Critically evaluating information. Student-selected global issues based on their interests. What makes countries attractive business location opportunities? Applying international business knowledge to real-world business issues Current events in international business and the international business environment
Level Largely Undergrad Largely Undergrad Grad/Upper-level Undergrad Grad/Upper-level Undergrad Grad/Undergrad
Notes Students draw on outside research. They need to explain a position, but not necessarily support it. Class consensus is often not a pure yes/no, spurring further interesting discussion, reinforcing that global issues are seldom black or white. Good starting point for discussion on evaluating sources of information. Instructor consultation helps ensure a broad range of issues across the class. Maybe a 2-stage assignment: First to develop the question, Second to analyze it. Paper, presentation or both. Team-based. Instructor consultation on countries and industry allows a range of countries and industries, providing a broader range of in-class presentations. Choose some less familiar countries and pairs of countries that differ significantly. Team-based exercise can be positioned as a competition.Local business partner brings real-time question or challenge. Better/broader information from partner leads to better analysis; consider nondisclosure agreement Encourages students to keep up with global/international business news. Brings current content into the classroom. Ties into student interests. Stimulates participation. Have some ideas as back-ups, although they may not be necessary. Allow some flexibility in topics; even if not explicitly business-related, can still lead to interesting global or cross-cultural discussions.