Influence Level Example Potential Multinational Firm Impact
Global UN SDG5 – Gender Equality. Does having a global mandate related to a DEI policy influence MNC policy adoption?
Regional Regional expectations or policies regarding DEI (e.g., European Union rules). How do MNCs manage tensions when host country cultures’ DEI expectations differ from those of a regional governing body?
Country/Society Societal differences in the ability to recognize, tolerate, and adapt to various types of (social) differences and diversity (e.g., [b@128433]). Do MNCs adapt DEI policies based on differing societal expectations where they operate?
Within-Country U.S. states differ in LGBT HR practice support (e.g., [b@128417]). Do MNCs make location choices based on within-country DEI policy differences?
Organization/Firm MNCs develop individual DEI cultures, which are influenced by policies of their home countries, their industries and other factors. How do MNCs create a global DEI identify for the firm?
Within-Firm Team Global Virtual Teams include members from different cultural and psychological backgrounds, potentially leading to differing expectations regarding DEI practices. How does DEI impact the effectiveness of virtual global teams?