Business-⁠For-⁠Peace Initiatives Research Questions
Modifying incentives for war and peace
  • How do multinationals’ corporate political activities impact the prospects of peace domestically and internationally?
  • Which types of multinationals’ investments prevent conflict escalation in communities?
  • Do multinationals’ threats to divest impact the prospects of war?
Ex-combatant demobilization and reintegration
  • How does the involvement of the private sector in peace accord negotiations and implementations impact the durability of peace, especially in terms of reintegrating ex-combatants into economic life?
  • What determines the successful integration of ex-combatants as employees?
  • What are the costs and benefits of hiring ex-combatants?
Providing information
  • Which multinationals’ corporate political activities, such as calls for peace, are more effective in reducing uncertainty between rivals that could help them reach an agreement more rapidly?
  • Does consultation between multinationals and politicians reduce the risk of war?
  • Does corporate reporting help reduce information asymmetries between rivals?
Mediation and track-two diplomacy
  • Which multinationals’ mediation strategies are more effective in bringing the parties to the negotiating table or enabling a successful deal?
  • Are multinationals more likely to be mediators than local firms?
  • Are multinationals’ subsidiaries better mediators than their headquarters?
Peace guarantees
  • Which multinationals’ governance efforts better prevent conflict and war?
  • What role can multinationals’ play in the implementation of peace agreements?
  • Does entry mode impact the role of a multinational as peace guarantor?
Community engagement
  • How does norm diffusion by multinationals eliminate intangible incentives for war?
  • Which global staffing strategies allow for more effective community engagement?
  • Which stakeholder engagement strategies prevent conflict?
  • What are the synergies and trade-offs between multinationals efforts on SDG 16 and advancing other SDGs such as SDG 7 on access to affordable and clean energy or SDG 8 on the promotion of decent work?